Past Presidents

1985-86 Hoyt Bedingfield Deputy Director of Finance
City of Birmingham
1986-87 Ruby C. Neeley Clerk-Treasurer
City of Huntsville
1987-88 Douglas F. Mackey Chief of Budget Administrative
County of Jefferson
1988-89 Patrick W. Kelly
(deceased - 2009)
Executive Director of Finance
City of Mobile
1989-90 Sarah A. Mays (filled
unexpired term of Patrick
Kelly, and full term 1989-90)
City of Pleasant Grove
1990-91 Ronnie M. Burlison Director Internal Audit
Huntsville City Schools
Robert E. "Gene" Stabler
(deceased - 2017)
Assistant State Treasurer
State of AL
1992-93 Joy Hill Finance Supervisor
City of Decatur
1993-94 Mike Wright Finance Director
City of Tuscaloosa
1994-95 Linda Steele Comptroller
City of Mobile
1995-96 Carol Prince Custodian of School Funds
Lawrence County Schools
1996-97 Charles E. Hagood Clerk-Treasurer
City of Huntsville
1997-98 Edward Kamnikar Director, Office of Budget and
Management Analysis, State of AL
1998-99 Macaroy "Mac" Underwood Finance Director
City of Birmingham
1999-2000 Rob Terry Director of Internal Audit
Huntsville City Schools
2000-01 Sarah L. Williams Assistant Director for Financial Analysis
AL Commission on Higher Education
2001-02 Travis Hulsey Assistant Director of Finance
Jefferson County
2002-03 Judith Kamnikar Professor of Accounting
Auburn University Montgomery
2003-04 Tracy B. Croom Associate Finance Director
City of Tuscaloosa
2004-05 Steven Boone Director of Finance/Assistant City
Manager, City of Mountain  Brook
2005-06 Roger Rendleman County Administrator
Lee County Commission
2006-07 Bill Flowers Assistant Director of Finance
AL Department of Transportation
2007-08 Penny L. Smith Deputy Finance Director
City of Auburn
2008-09 &
Clara B. Myers Finance Director
City of Orange Beach
2010-11 Charles Clack Chief Fiscal Officer
AL Department of Revenue
2011-12 Charla Doucet Chief of Administrative Services
AL Office of the Attorney General
2012-13 Russell Raney Director of Finance
Cullman City Schools
2013-14 Derek Reeves Associate Finance Director
City of Tuscaloosa
2014-15 Melinda James Lopez Director of Information Management & Reporting
City of Hoover
2015-16 &
Allison D. Edge
Assistant Finance Director & Treasurer
City of Auburn